this is bigger than the moon landing

I would have been laughing instead of apologizing 

thats how you do it 

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something i made on my way to work. little snippet, tell me what you guys think.

first song from my band, working on many more

had this sitting on my hard drive for a bit, it needed a little work and i just finished doing so. hope you guys enjoy

am i the only one to notice the trend with modern warefare 3 today?

all the “cool people and jocks” are coping the game early and talking about it on facebook. just because you play one game dont make you a gamer bro. 

I try hard to have a father, but instead I have a dad…

What is a father? To me it’s many things, many responsibilities. To be there for ur kids, to always show them love and support, every step of the way. To be there for your kids when they need you the most, and to mold ur kids into the parents of tomorrow……… Needless to say, I never had that. If he would’ve died, then u know different story, by that’s not the case either. I don’t call him my father, cause he was never there for me or my brother. “he’s a piece of shit dad, and deserves less respect as a man.” words of my own brother. A man of no education, intolerance and doesn’t accept me. I remember the day I told him what major i was taking in college. He said “well, if that’s what you want cool, but I don’t think you should do it. Either way I’ll support u I guess.” those words hurt, and how he said it wasn’t any better.

My grandmother died on my high school graduation, and I miss her, I really do. He wasn’t there for me that day, and though I understand why, it wouldve been nice for him to pass by just to say “congrats son, I’m proud”.

But even that I never got.

And then there’s my girlfriend. I love this girl more than I ever loved anyone else. She is my world, and one day I’m going to marry her, no exceptions.

But that’s not good enough for him.

Him and my uncle both go to my brother asking ” what the fuck is wrong with Israel?” it’s gotten to the point where my own brother had to yell at my uncle, because unlike them, my brother actually supports us.

And fuck you, there’s. Nothing wrong with me, just because she’s bigger than me and doesn’t meet ur standards of beauty does not mean she is beautiful. I love this girl, she means everything, and I matter what you say I’ll always love her.

I don’t understand why u don’t accept my relationship, my choices, or better yet my life. I doubt u’ll hear from me for a long time, because I don’t want that kind of negativity and constant criticism from someone who himself is a failure. One day it’s support and the other u talk behind my back. That’s no way to live, and if that’s how it’s going to be, I don’t need u or my uncle.

At the end of the day, ur just my “dad”, because you busted a nut, and well, here I am. So that’s all I can thank you for.

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seriously though….

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seriously though….

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